Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Homeschool ONLY Classes

We have put together a discount package just for families in our area who educate their children at home.
This began as an arrangement for student using the curriculum but we have decided we would like to expand it to students using all forms of home education.

It is pretty simple.

Homeschool families are welcome to attend classes on Thursdays for a discounted rate of $25 a month. (If there is more than one family member attending class it is $20 a month per family member).

This is only available for the Thursday sessions classes (The Monday class is for regular students).
Class times are 6-7pm for children (ages 5-12) and 7:15-8:15 for adults (ages 13 and up)

Children AND parents may take advantage of this opportunity.

The Childrens' class and the Adult class run on the regular times and there is a limit to how many students can fit in the classroom so this is a first come, first serve opportunity.

All families are welcome to attend a class to try it out first before committing to karate, please just call in advance so we know to expect you (call 227 3200).

All the regular policies and procedures apply (please read through the student handbook page on the blog website

We look forward to meetings more homeschool families and providing a service to them!