Monday, September 27, 2010

Piano and Voice Newsletter October 2010

Well, things are going wonderfully so far. I love every single student and it makes my day more fun to see them. We are moving along nicely. Most students have all of their books and that is really great.

A few notes: I need the Registration paper and signed back page of the student handbook from some of you still. Let me explain why they are so important: That registration page has your contact information and I need that to let you know if there is any cancellation or an emergency with your student or if we just need to talk. The handbook has some really important policies such as payment information, how and when classes are cancelled and expectations of behavior in my home. I hope all of you have read it already and just need to sign and turn in that last page, but if not, please do so. I have spare copies I will be sending home for you to sign if you haven’t done that already and you can always go to our blog and read and print it from there.

Some of you may have noticed that I am holding firm to separating my home and my lesson area. My family has expressed to me that they need some space during lesson time and I respect that. Please help your children respect that also. If you have siblings who wait for each other they are welcome to bring books or an mp3 player or something quiet to entertain themselves with in my living room. I don’t want anyone to feel this is a specific slam on them because it isn’t, I just need to respect my family and their wishes for while I teach. It also makes it easier for me to conduct lessons with less interruption and that is great for everyone.
This month I would like to start on CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Yay! Please take some time with your student and find a song they would like to play. I will be selecting a song also, but I’d love for them to choose something that works for the holiday (however your family chooses to celebrate it) that they want to play. I would like Christmas songs turned in to me by the 3rd week of October at the latest please. Beginning piano students do not need to do this unless they want to (as in students in their first year of piano with me). Also, not all students will play 2 songs, some will play just one. However, all students will be required to perform at the recital. I’ll get you dates and info as we get closer to December.

At the bottom of this newsletter you will see an invoice for the month. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. You are welcome to call or text me at 227 3200. As of October payments after the 10th will have the late fee applied that is discussed in the student handbook.

Have a great month and thank you for letting me teach your student (or you!). I really enjoy it!

Funakoshi Newsletter October 2010

Welcome to fall!

Now that everyone is settled and ready for karate, here are some notes for October:
If you have not yet signed the waiver, student handbook and registration form, you need to do this. There are a few copies available if you want to fill them out at class. This is a requirement for karate, so please get this done.

The student handbook has a lot of information in it. Some information that is worth pointing out is how much to pay for class (we do not “grandfather” fees for Montessori Students and the amount it has increased is minimal), when to pay for class (as of October the late fee will be enforced) and exactly how many classes you are paying for each month and how cancellations are handled. It is vital that you read the entire handbook.

Wearing a Gi is required. All students have 2 weeks (mid October) to have your Gi, then you may not participate.

In November all students (except for the new this fall Montessori students) will have a belt grading. Start preparing. This will occur in the first week of November and you can find more information in the Student Handbook about gradings.

There are no holidays this month that will affect karate class. Make sure we have your current contact information so you will be notified during the month if there is any scheduling changes (that information would be on your registration form which is one reason why it is necessary to turn it in).

Finally, attached at the bottom of this newsletter is your invoice for each month. Please call or text 227-3200 with any questions on your invoice. Sensei Tower does not handle any billing questions, you will be referred to Mrs. Tower.
Have a wonderful Fall.

Monday, September 13, 2010

September Newsletter Piano

Piano Newsletter September 2010
(please visit our website
Hi there! I can’t believe it is already the middle of September!
Things have gone well so far. I know some of you were here through the summer so this is just a simple time change for lessons, but for those who took the summer off and/or are new to my piano studio: Welcome (back)!
We are getting adjusted with books right now and reviewing things that may have been forgotten over the summer. If you haven’t had time, please pick up any of the books I have recommended asap. If you mention my name at Chesbros you *should* get a discount. It is kind of hit and miss with that discount, but try for it! I really need every student to have all their books because it affects how long the lessons run and what I can effectively teach if they don’t have all their books with them consistently. Some of you have bags for your piano books and I think that is just perfect for keeping them together, thank you!
Also on books, if you have a student who is more advanced or your student really wants some extra music to learn, I would love to add music they want to play to their lessons. I will help look for songs if they want, but you’ll need to order any music for them yourself. I really like Amazon and Sheetmusicplus for finding music at a lower cost.
Some of you have asked if I will be taking any more students this fall. The long and short of it is yes. I can take on 3 more students as this time. I wasn’t sure if my schedule would work, but it will, so I can take 3 more on without any problem. You are welcome to tell other families. Refer them to our website (listed above) for any questions or give them my number please.
Some important bookkeeping and record issues: I need your registration and signed paper telling me you read the student handbook. The registration page gives me all the contact info I need in case I need to get ahold of you and it is vital that all of you read the student handbook. All of my policies are listed there and a lot of questions I have been getting are answered on it. You can read it on our website (listed above). The registration page is there too, please just copy and paste into word and print it out. In regards to payments, if you pay cash please put it in an envelope with your student’s name so I know who it is for. That helps me stay organized. And please read the student handbook for policies on payments.
Finally, on lesson time. I know some of you want to shift around a bit now that you have a better feel for your schedule. Let me know if you want to do this and list some times that would work for you. There is a chance someone in one of times wants to do the same thing!
Thanks for letting me teach your kiddos. I love getting to know each one of them.
Kimber Tower
227 3200

Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiver and registration reminder

Just reminding all of you that we need your registration, paper that you read and understand the student handbook and if you are in karate your waiver.
Particularly for karate, you cannot participate in class without all three signed and turned in.

Also for those who have asked, yes, I have a few more piano spots left. I made a little room in the schedule and can take on two more and be in my limit I've set.

In karate there is room in the kid's class and the adult class, but if you are a Montessori student we will only take a limited number in order to allow regular students in the classes.

Thanks and we'll see you again next week!