Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer and Fall Piano Schedule Openings

Update July: The only times left are what is listed below. I am unable to add more times currently. Thank you.

Update 5/9: I know the afternoon times are disappearing fast! If you need something later in the day and all the afternoon times are taken you can check with me and I may be able to add an evening spot for you on some days.

Update 4/30: I am crossing out times as they are taken. When a day fills to the capacity I am comfortable with I will remove all the open times left on that day. Call, text or email if you have a question!

Hi there! Since the google calendar was a bit of a pain for a lot of you, I took the summer calendar and put it here for you to select a time from if you are doing summer lessons.

I also made the fall schedule, so you can tell me what time will work for you there! Now, I know some of you have more than 3 kids who will be taking lessons this fall. If you let me know quickly what day and time you want to start I can shift the other piano times accordingly. (If you look below you will understand what I'm saying.)

If any of these times do not work for you, just contact me asap and we can sort it out. I've tried to create the most consistent schedule I could just so I have a nice routine going, but I am flexible on some of it. The only thing I can't do is add lesson times on Tuesdays. I have other commitments that day.

If you have additional family members or friends interested in piano lessons, I will have some openings available to them this fall and possibly this summer.

Email, text or call me if you have any questions. I'd like to get the Summer and Fall schedules finalized in the next few weeks if possible. Thank you!

Summer Openings: FULL

Fall Schedule:

Monday: FULL