Piano Policies

Please attend class regularly.

If you do need to miss a class please call 227-3200 24 hours in advance and leave a message so we know you will not attend. If you prefer texting, you may text that number also, just make sure to list your name and the class in the text.
If you miss a class you still owe the same amount in dues for that month and if you miss an entire month you are still responsible for the dues if you want to keep your place in your class. Otherwise your spot will be given to someone else and you may have to join the waiting list.

Cancellations on an instructor’s part will be addressed later in this document.

Fees are based on a four week month.
You are not charged extra for a five week month, as that will average out over the course of the school year with any cancellations, school closures, holidays or any situation where your instructor must cancel class.

Fees are due the first class of the month. If payment is not received by the 10th of each month, a $10 late charge will apply. If payment is still not received for the previous month by the first week of the next month, your student will be asked to sit and watch until payment is received in full and their spot may be filled by another student. Please be prompt in your payments.

A payment box is placed on Mrs. Tower’s piano.

If you pay in cash, please seal it in an envelope with your name so we credit the right student.

Piano fees are $35.00 per month for private lessons. At this time group lessons are unavailable as Mrs. Tower's schedule does not allow it.

Please fill out the registration form and return immediately. You will be given this form at your first lesson.

The registration form commits you to 4 (or longer if you request) months of lessons. You are responsible for the fees for each month regardless of whether you or your students attends or not.


If schools in Rigby are cancelled, class is cancelled for that day, unless otherwise stated. See below for details.

Mrs. Tower will have substitute teachers for any other reasons, barring an unforeseen medical or family emergency. In the case of such an emergency, Mrs. Tower will have make up class times available within 4 weeks of the cancellation. If you decline a make up time for a cancellation, this does not affect your monthly rate. Mrs. Tower is allowed 1 emergency cancellation week (or 5 individual days) per year that does not necessitate her offering a make up date, however, she will always attempt to have one for students.

If you would like to have your lesson on a day when there is no school or during a holiday, please contact Mrs. Tower 1 week ahead of time and make arrangements. This is not a problem for the most part, but advance notice is required so Mrs. Tower makes sure to be wating for you to arrive. If you don't contact Mrs. Tower, she will assume you are not coming to class and will not be available to teach your lesson. Due to the number of students, alternative times and last minute changes are no longer available.

Students taking classes in the Tower home, please stay in the living room area.

Please treat the Tower home kindly. Do not hit the piano, jump on the furniture,  run through the house or behave in any way that is disrespectful or unkind to any member of the Tower household or other students. If you arrive late or early your lesson will still need to begin and end at its scheduled time. Please bring a book or other quiet way to entertain yourself until it is your turn. Please remember all your books. Without all the required books piano lessons may be much shorter in duration than usual. Mrs. Tower does not always have extra book available to teach your lesson so bringing all your books every week is mandatory.

Parents, if your student is unable to be respectful of the Tower home and/or Mrs. Tower, you may be required to sit with your student through their lesson to assist with encouraging good behavior.

If you bring additional children to piano lessons, they must stay in the living room with you. We love kids, but it is hard to keep track of other peoples’ children and the student. The Tower children need their privacy during lessons so they can do schoolwork, relax and spend family time together. Too many "playdates" can overwhelm the Tower kids and lead to them interrupting lessons. With that in mind please keep everyone in the living room only.

Contact information:
Please email at ClanTower@gmail.com or call 227 3200.
The web address is: towersteach.blogspot.com

There will be two recitals per year. ALL classes will participate in these recitals and it will be fun, promise. Recitals will be held in December and in the spring. Family and friends will be welcome to attend.

Please park on the road at the Tower residence when city statutes and/or construction allow. Deputy Tower occasionally needs to get in and out of the driveway quickly. When you must park in the driveway, park very closely to the garage to enable any police vehicles that need quick access in or out.