Monday, September 27, 2010

Funakoshi Newsletter October 2010

Welcome to fall!

Now that everyone is settled and ready for karate, here are some notes for October:
If you have not yet signed the waiver, student handbook and registration form, you need to do this. There are a few copies available if you want to fill them out at class. This is a requirement for karate, so please get this done.

The student handbook has a lot of information in it. Some information that is worth pointing out is how much to pay for class (we do not “grandfather” fees for Montessori Students and the amount it has increased is minimal), when to pay for class (as of October the late fee will be enforced) and exactly how many classes you are paying for each month and how cancellations are handled. It is vital that you read the entire handbook.

Wearing a Gi is required. All students have 2 weeks (mid October) to have your Gi, then you may not participate.

In November all students (except for the new this fall Montessori students) will have a belt grading. Start preparing. This will occur in the first week of November and you can find more information in the Student Handbook about gradings.

There are no holidays this month that will affect karate class. Make sure we have your current contact information so you will be notified during the month if there is any scheduling changes (that information would be on your registration form which is one reason why it is necessary to turn it in).

Finally, attached at the bottom of this newsletter is your invoice for each month. Please call or text 227-3200 with any questions on your invoice. Sensei Tower does not handle any billing questions, you will be referred to Mrs. Tower.
Have a wonderful Fall.

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