Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Piano Newsletter

1. I need a head count for the recital. It is December 13th (a Monday) at either 6 or 7:15 pm. I am splitting into groups because otherwise not everyone will fit in the room available at the City of Rigby Library. I don’t need exact numbers, but I do need a decent count. If you are over or under by 3 or less don’t worry about letting me know of a numbers change. I want to make sure we have room for everyone who is attending please. I need this the next time I see your student or sooner. Feel free to email or text the info.
2. Next week is Thanksgiving and I am not planning to teach on any days next week UNLESS you contact me TODAY (exactly 1 week from when your lessons are scheduled) to confirm the time for next week or even to see if we can move it for the holiday. Those who have talked to me, I have you set up. Everyone else, please contact me immediately so I will be home and prepared for students. I am happy to teach but I need to know you will be coming.
3. I think some of you may have noticed we are expecting a new addition to our family fairly soon. When that occurs I will be taking a few days off… but lessons won’t! I have a substitute that many of you have met in the past; my mother. She was a piano teacher for years and now teaches in public school. She will be taking over all my lessons as needed so things will be business as usual. The only day that *may* need to be rescheduled is Tuesdays as she has a church obligation she may have difficulty moving. (Daytime students will need to reschedule too, contact me when you have time.) If so I will contact you to see if your student can attend Monday or Friday at the usual (or close to the usual) time. I have given her the information on each student, what books they are using etc so she is very prepared to step in.
4. When the new addition arrives I hope all will understand that I will not be letting students hold or play with the baby. I would rather not be distracted keeping an eye on him and some students are just plain too young to hold the baby without making me really nervous. Also, this is cold and flu season and I’d like to keep the germs down as much as possible. If you would be kind enough to talk to your student (particularly the younger ones) and explain that the baby will not be passed around or available for touching I would be really grateful. Also, if you would be mindful of contagious germies and refrain from bringing sick students to lessons this winter I would be very, VERY grateful. I trust all of you to know what is or is not contagious and thanks for being understanding of an overprotective parent.
5. A lot of students are losing books and/or not bringing all their books to lessons with them. When this occurs their lesson is shortened as I have time set up for each book they bring and when they are missing a book it makes it very difficult to progress through lessons as we will be stuck playing catch up and that can make lessons a bit confusing for everyone. Please make sure your student has all of their books every week. (The books that matter most are the theory, technic and piano books… but really all of them are important.)
6. Thanks for all you do! I will send another note with more information about the recital soon!

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